Transparency is critical for trust, support, and loyalty. This means financial accountability, openness about mission and plans of the Foundation. Transparency also means that a donor’s rights are clearly informed.

Use of Donations

The foundation believes in bringing together community support for those areas of the Sheriff’s Office where private funding is critically important for success. An example of those areas to be supported include the acquisition of body worn cameras for the Sheriff’s Deputies, the creation and support of Community Engagement Advisory Boards to provide a closer working relationship between the community and the Sheriff’s Office.

Donation Policy

  • It shall be the Donation Policy of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Foundation, Inc. that:
  • Fundraising will be truthful and accurately described
  • Donations will be spent in accordance with the donor’s intent
  • Donors will receive prompt, forthright answers to questions
  • Donors have the right to be informed of the foundations mission and purpose
  • Donors will receive appropriate acknowledgment and recognition for their gift
  • The foundation will respect the donors request to remain anonymous
  • Upon request, donors are entitled to promptly receive the Foundation’s proof of 501 (c ) 3 tax exempt status
  • The foundation will respect donors privacy by not sharing, selling or renting names and personal information
  • Funds shall be solicited in a respectful manner
  • The foundation reserves the right to decline a donation which it considers to be any of the following: (1) those in conflict with the foundations mission and goals; (2) comes from a source lacking in good standing in the community; or (3) made with the expectation of influence over the Foundation’s decisions.