Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office brings toys to Northwoods Fine Arts Academy

Santa and a group from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office made a trip to Northwoods Fine Arts Academy Friday to surprise students with toys for Christmas.

Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said members of the community donated toys, such as dolls, teddy bears, coloring books and more, for children in need.

Among the other places the group delivered toys to were Garfield Elementary, the Laura Dester Shelter and the Dream Center.

“The kids get to see us in a different light, the community gets to see us in a different light,” Regalado said. “Who doesn’t like seeing kids smile, especially around the holidays?”

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Justin Green said the sheriff’s office brought enough toys for 40 families and more than 100 children.

Northwoods Fine Arts Academy Counselor Megan Elliott said the event was a special occasion for the students.

“It’s special when people come together to bless others,” Elliott said. “So many of our kids are less fortunate and this brings them joy.”